I know.  I know.  I’m like an 85 year old sometimes.  Blog-shmog.  But actually, I’ve wanted to start writing some of my thoughts, ideas, hits AND misses for a while, so here we go!  One of my very first things I want to say is this: thank you to my incredible husband for helping me with this business adventure.  It would be nearly impossible without his time, support, and crazy-amazing handiness.  He is like a wizard with my ideas.  Also, thank you to my beautiful children for helping me to remember the balance and what is truly important in life.  And to the fantastic city we call home, Kansas City, MO, thank you too.  You are big enough, easy enough…and doggone it, people like you.

I consistently have people say to me “you have such a cool job!”  And you know, I really do.  Yes, the flowers are amazing and surrounding myself with their beauty on a daily basis is such a treat.  However, I think one of my favorite parts is the gratifying feeling I get when I see the look on a client’s face when they see their flowers for the first time.  Often, such as in wedding planning, the client and I have been working together for months and months before the big event.  They have ideas, budgets, concepts, but the moment it all becomes real is pretty special.  It makes the late nights, the constant cleaning up, the bleaching of buckets, the stress of getting the right flower in the right color at the right time…whew! (there’s more too)…but it’s all worth the effort.

Choosing a florist is no easy task.  My best advice is to find a florist who is fun and easy to work with and who is on the same page as you in terms of design concept AND budget.  The beauty in flowers often speak for themselves, but a good florist can take your vision and marry it to your budget.  That’s where the real magic happens.

One last note, l want to give a shout out to Brad at ThinkShore Media for working so closely with me and delivering exactly what I was looking for.  That’s what good customer service is all about, right?